Future Ready Success Through the Power of Peers

Join Other Forward-Thinking Executives

Increasing competition, uncertain political environments, accelerating digitalization, and changing customer requirements are today’s reality.  Being future-ready for success requires new approaches to leadership, learning, innovation, and collaboration.

Executive Growth Alliance accelerates future-readiness for Fortune 500 companies, leaders and communities by addressing complex global challenges across ecosystems (Transportation, Environment, Health, Industry, Consumer) through peer collaboration. 

The Executive Growth Alliance (EGA) was created in Silicon Valley to bolster the performance of corporate investments in learning and innovation through peer collaboration. EGA provides the necessary mechanism for people to apply learning and implement innovation in real time.

By working with 8-12 peers from non-competitive companies facing common challenges in bi-monthly Executive Growth Forums, leaders address challenges, identify opportunities and drive innovation – for themselves, their companies, and society as a whole. 

How We Know It Works

The Power of Peers methodology used by the Executive Growth Alliance has led to 200-300% growth for hundreds of business leaders globally. 

Through Executive Growth Alliance membership, leaders in midsize corporations through multi-nationals have achieved results including co-creation of digital solutions (design to launch < 9 months), corporate to SME joint venture collaboration, increased innovation team productivity, streamlined customer access, a future-ready distribution value network, and EMEA to America and Silicon Valley alliances.

The Benefits of Membership

Executives are selected for group membership based on shared challenges within a common eco-system such as transportation, health, industry or environment. During bi-monthly Executive Growth Forums, EGA Group Leaders facilitate ‘case clinics’ to address one members’ real world future-readiness challenge or opportunity. 

In addition to addressing local future-readiness needs during in-person Forums, members participate in virtual peer collaboration sessions with global peers addressing similar challenges.  

EGA Innovation Expeditions also provide an opportunity for members in different chapters to collaborate face-to-face to co-develop solutions and build ongoing alliances. 

Annual Get Future Ready Now Summits provide insights and inspiration from global thought leaders; as well as opportunities for all EGA members to meet and share perspectives, experiences and results for future growth and success. 

Executive Growth Forum Case Clinics

During each Executive Growth Forum, participants gain insight and inspiration to address their own future-readiness challenges through collaboration with peers around one members’ specific ‘case’.  

Examples of cases for which members have received valuable input, taken action, gained feedback and achieved results through the Executive Growth Alliance process include:

Building a Future-ready Culture – how to drive real culture change 
Collaboration across stakeholders – including ‘competitors’, customers and alliances 
Empowering human talent – how to engage, empower, leverage the HUMAN DNA in a digital world
Accelerating customer experience 
Agility and achieving a faster time to marketAccelerating pace of change – how understand and address customer needs quickly
Leveraging technology while enhancing value of / from human capital  
Innovation in a world of regulation – what can a leader doRethinking the business model ie moving from a value chain to a value networkGaining direct end customer/user insights in a traditional distribution value chain

In the Words of Members:

“In today’s challenging business environment, collaborating with peers dealing with similar challenges has led to breakthrough innovations in the way we think and act within Schneider Electric.”

“The Executive Growth Alliance provides me with inspiration and insights to take action to drive real change in my company, Yara – way more quickly and effectively than participating in an Executive MBA program, network events or conferences.”

“Through hands-on collaboration with peers to overcome real-world challenges impacting future success, I have gained insights and confidence needed to address future opportunities within Merck”. 

“While we discussed collaboration for years without action, during an Executive Growth Forum, I and my peer in Posten committed to action. The result: co-development of new service by Avinor and Posten within 9 months.” 

Executive Growth Alliance Membership

Participation in the Executive Growth Alliance is by invitation only for business leaders who share a commitment to future readiness, achieving tangible results, and making a difference in the world.  If you share this commitment, we invite you to apply for membership by calling Morten Eriksen-Deinoff +47 95081390 eller e-mail

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